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Excellent service

 Our vision is to let Chinese enterprises use appropriate industrial equipment, tools and spare parts from all over the world in lower prices and more choices then promote the normal and efficient operation and development of more and more Chinese enterprises.

Model Selection

Confirm the model and requirements according to the actual situation of users: protection grade, material, excitation voltage, sensitivity, allowable error range. Offer professional pre-sales  scheme design and product selection guidance.

Delivery Confirmation

 Preferential supply: 3-5 days' distributing from Hong Kong and Taiwan. 3-5 weeks' distributing from Japan, 2-4 weeks' distributing from Korea and 5-8 weeks' distributing from Europe. ( Subject to the actual delivery time)

Import Declaration

Signing an importing contract → Handling the relevant license → Factory delivery → Examination and verification of import documents → Customs examination and verification of prices → Taxes payment → Customs inspection → Goods releasing → Delivery → Completion.

To Customer

 We provides you with a full range of perfect one-stop sales service guidance, installation and debugging in sales, after three years of free on-site tracking maintenance services. We promise three months at zero cost at any time to return or replace goods if any unsatisfied with goods or services.